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Cleary Advantage

Johnson Builders Corp. is a construction company helping build in Oregon and Northern California. Johnson Builders Corp. delivers and assembles high quality buildings that are custom designed by you and engineered by Cleary Building Corp. All of our buildings are backed behind Cleary Buildings assembly processes. We specialize in customized post frame building construction.

Since 1978, Cleary Building Corp. has manufactured, delivered, and constructed customized pre-engineered structures. From farm buildings to horse arenas, garages, workshops, metal roofing, and more, we pride ourselves on offering a quality building at an affordable price. Our buildings consist of a wood frame with pre-painted steel panels used for roofing and siding. Cleary Building Corp. is proud to offer a lifetime paint warranty. This type of building provides for a long-lasting, low-maintenance, cost-effective structure. When choosing the right building for you, consider the five key points below when comparing Cleary Post Frame Buildings to other types of construction.

The Modern Column

Cleary employs the nail laminated sidewall & endwall column. This column offers both superior strength and decay resistance when compared to the old solid 6" x 6" column.

Decay Resistance is improved because each individual member of the column is treated before it is laminated together, giving you a column which is treated all the way through and also backed by a 50 year warranty. Other companies do not offer a fully treated column nor do they offer a warranty.

Extra Strength is attained because these columns are composed of #1 Southern Pine with a design bending stress of 1897 psi. Southern Pine #1 is a superior Grade of wood over Doug Fur #1 & #2. Doug Fur is a common material found on the West Coast. Compared to the old #2 6" x 6" column, which has a bending stress of only 850 psi, the Cleary Non-Spliced Laminated Treated Column is exceptional. By not relying on a process-dependent glued connection, Cleary also ensures that the column will not deteriorate in constant contact with ground moisture.

Cleary Building Corp. goes one step further...

The Cleary Column Test

On June 28, 1991, Cleary Building Corp conducted tests on three different types of columns being used in today's Post-Frame buildings. The columns tested were:

  1. Solid 6" x 6" treated column #2 Southern Pine (Pole builders on the West Coast use Doug Fur #2 columns which are far weaker than Southern Pine)
  2. Spliced Laminated Treated column consisting of 3 - 2" x 6" #1 Southern Pine. The spliced joints were offset from each other by 24" and nailed with 2 - 10d spikes every 4".
  3. Cleary Non-spliced Laminated Treated column consisting of 3 - 2" x 6" #1 Southern Pine. The outer piles of columns that are 24' long or less shall extend without a splice from the footing to the eave height.

The following is a summary of those test results:

Spliced Laminated 4,320 LBS 2.75" 85 mph
Solid 6" x 6" 6,912 LBS 2.25" 108 mph
Glu-Lam 9,095 LBS* 2.64"* 119 mph*
Cleary Non-Spliced Laminated column 10,368 LBS 2" 127 mph

These tests show:

Foundation Requirements

A steel building will require the additional cost and installation of an engineered concrete foundation to support the steel frames prior to the construction of the building.

Cleary Post Frame Buildings: A level building site is all that is required to start construction for your Cleary Building. The foundations for the Cleary Building is designed to have the buildings treated and warrantied columns placed in the ground. A concrete floor is poured after the building has been enclosed, thus reducing concrete exposure to the elements during installation. In some cases the building will not have concrete installed at all but you will still have a fully engineered building. This gives the ability for the concrete to be installed at a later date if it is a financial benefit but still shelter equipment and investments from the weather. This is just not possible with most other building designs. If it is not possible to dig holes for columns than a load barring concrete slab can be installed. This would be similar to a house foundation. The columns are then bolted to special brackets that were installed with the concrete and your pole building is built from there.

Optimize Material Use

Avoid waste from structural over design and use optimum value engineering.

Cleary Post Frame Buildings: The basic post frame building design concept incorporates simplified building geometry with a minimum of materials used to put a given ClearSpan volume of building under cover. The use of steel roofing, due to its light weight per unit area, results in structural material savings when compared to using heavier, non-metal roofing alternatives.


Use high levels of insulation and high performance windows.

Cleary Post Frame Buildings: The Cleary Energy Miser and Commercial lines of buildings provide an opportunity to fill 8' wide wall cavities with 6" fiberglass batt insulation. Use of a steel ceiling attached to bottom chord and the trusses as support allows high R-Values on insulation to be blown into the attic area providing uniform and tight insulation coverage, compared to steel building insulation compressed between steel roof purlins and sidewall girts.

Reuse and Adaptability

Make the structure adaptable to other uses and choose materials that can be reused or recycled.

Cleary Post Frame Buildings: The inherent ClearSpan design of post frame buildings naturally creates a structure which can be adapted to multiple uses. Without the requirement of interior support walls, interior room locations and division walls can be changed without requiring structural revision to support the roof system. Any home owner can renovate or remodel with ease using common hand tools, rather than having to perform any welding. When the initial building design incorporates design provisions for attic ventilation and the support of future ceilings, the unheated warehouse can be easily modified into a heated business, factory or manufacturing facility.

Design Flexibility

Make sure the building design will allow you to accommodate your design specifications.

Cleary Post Frame Buildings: The Cleary post frame building will allow design flexibility for your floor design, sheathing material, door and window locations. Our building can allow roof pitches from 3/12 to 8/12 designs giving you the ability to match your existing building (business, home, etc.). The exterior siding is traditionally steel, but the framework can utilize other wood, brick and stucco siding options. The openings in the walls of a post frame building can be designed for larger or small door and window designs. The Cleary post frame building offers flexibility to finish off the interior of the building when it is convenient for the owner.

Cleary Building Corp. is committed to making each building experience a memorable and pleasurable process for all of its customers. Our mission is to give all our clients a quality product with the highest level of customer service achievable.

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