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Johnson Builders Corp.

What We Do

Johnson Builders Corp. can provide you with a variety of building types. From your traditional styled barn to a modern and sturdy home, Cleary Buildings are the best of all worlds. Johnson Builders prides itself on working hard to be your one stop shop for your out building needs.

Building Types

Commercial Buildings
You may not imagine a conventional pole barn being an attractive building for your business. Customized Cleary Pre-Engineered Commercial Buildings are an ideal choice to help your business grow. Your new building must reflect the character and image of your company and be attractive to your customers. Equally important, your building must “work”. This may include such features as inviting showrooms, efficient and pleasant working areas, comfortable offices, adequate storage space, as well as consideration for expansion as your business grows and prospers. Many Clients prefer to add our Energy Miser option to their Commercial building for added energy efficiency.

Commercial Buildings also include: municipal, mini-storage, RV Storage, aircraft, fire station, storage park.

Residential Buildings
“I can’t believe we live in a “Pole Barn” was a comment one of our satisfied customers jokingly said after moving into their new home. The reason they couldn’t believe it is because they are actually living in a custom Cleary Pre-Engineered Residential Structure. We put the same attention to detail into new residential construction as we do an elaborate horse barn and arena or commercial building. Discover for yourself the advantages of building your new home with Cleary.

  1. Save Money
  2. Quality On-site Construction
  3. Flexible Designs
  4. Stronger and More Structural Integrity
  5. Easy Future Expansions
  6. Variety of Siding and Roofing Options
  7. “Energy Efficient” – Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Suburban Buildings
Whatever your building needs… a weathertight garage for cars or trucks, a secure storage structure for boats, snowmobile or gardening tools, a handy home workshop, a comfortable vacation cottage, even an attractive year-round home… Cleary offers a wide selection of professionally-designed and expertly constructed buildings to meet your specific needs and budget. Choose from a variety of maintenance-free colors to coordinate your new building with existing structures and surroundings. Stone, brick and wood sidings are also available. Your Cleary pre-engineered structure brings you top value for your money. From its solid-built frame to its sturdy roof, side panels and accessories, all materials are carefully selected and tested to meet or exceed industry standards for strength and durability. Cleary’s dependable warranty assures you of complete satisfaction… now and for many years to come.

Suburban Buildings also include: energy miser, sports facilities, toy box, park shelter.

Farm Buildings
Free Stall Barns are designed specifically to each Client’s needs. Building layouts, options, and sizes vary greatly from project to project and Cleary Building Corp. can assist in designing your building. In addition to experienced sales staff, there is also a Large Project Manager available.

For the Cannabis farms we have the perfect product for your drying and storage needs. With the ability to fully insulate and than line the entire interior with steel panels on the wall and ceiling we can create a environment where mold can't grow with no wood exposed. This environment can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer without risking water getting somewhere it may cause future havoc. We can also build a extra long building where you can simply roll your product from one section of the building to the next.

Other Farm Buildings include: machinery, dairy, livestock.

Horse Barns & Arena
Many Cleary structures are designed for people and products, like our commercial buildings and residential homes. But Cleary also knows how to provide a safe environment for your animals and the people who handle them as well. This is true with our dairy and livestock buildings as well as our inspiring Horse Barns and Arenas. Whether you’re planning a small pleasure-horse barn or a large, attractive stable with an extra-wide clear-span area for riding, jumping, roping and cutting; you can depend on Cleary. To match your neighboring suburban building, Cleary provides a wide variety of maintenance-free siding to custom coordinate your building with existing structures and surroundings.


Grandrib 3© Plus Enduracote
Grandrib 3® PLUS is “THE ORIGINAL” – Fabral designed the original 9” on center ribbed panel. Most others have copied but no one has matched its strength, durability or attractive design.

Bare Steel
Fabral uses only 29 gauge,100,000 PSI nominal tensile strength bare structural steel with a minimum .015 thickness before paint to assure you of the thickest, strongest panel in the industry. UP TO 60% STRONGER THAN SOME COMPETITORS’ 26 GAUGE, commercial steel at 40,000 PSI.

Galvanization (2 layers)
Grandrib 3® Plus has up to 1.O oz of zinc protection as compared to competitors’ G60 or G90 products, resulting in up to 67% more corrosion protection.

Zinc Pre-Treatment (2 layers)
Prepares the surface for paint while adding additional corrosion resistance. Many other panels skip this step.

Sealer Coat (2 layers)
Seals the Zinc Pre-treatment and smooths the surface to receive the paint.

Thick Primer Coat (2 layers)
Prepares the surface for consistent color application while adding even more corrosion protection.

Backer Coat
Full coat backer in off-white for consistency inside the building.

Top Coat
Enduracote®, the industry leading exterior paint for color retention and durability.

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