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New Century Bank is the leader in financing Post Frame Residential Homes and Buildings.

Johnson Builders Corp, provides more than great homes and barns. We provide the best solutions for your building experience. Construction and permanent mortgages are an important part of the process of building a home. So, we have found a lender in New Century Bank that can make the difference and make your hope a reality. New Century Bank’s positive approach to post frame homes and building construction loans is unlike any bank in the industry. New Century Bank offers terms and features such as low-down payments and client managed projects. Construction loans that incorporate every aspect of the building process, land purchase included in the construction process, utilities, foundations, home and all interior finish and garage and other amenities. Loan officers take time to explain the process and help you with your unique situation. Where you would fall through the cracks at another lender, New Century Bank is able to use its unique lending options to help you with your project. Every construction loan is followed immediately by the best mortgage available in the industry. No one has more resources than New Century Bank.

Post Frame Home Construction Mortgages

New Century Bank has completed thousands of construction mortgages nationwide. They offer low fixed rate conventional mortgages with Fannie Mae conventional rates. New Century also offers loans for not only primary residences but second homes as well. They also offer specialized mortgages for unique construction design, multiple residences on one property and large acreage properties up to 160 acres. You can speak to an experienced loan officer who will walk through the step-by-step process of building your dream home with a simple phone call.

Down payment requirements

Land Equity can count towards your down payment. New Century Bank also offers solutions to help you buy land and build in the same transaction. If your down payment is tied up in equity in your home, New Century bank has options to let you live in your existing home while you are building.

Can I be my own General Contractor?

Yes! You may act as your own general contractor if the State and County you are building in allows it. We will even allow the homeowner to do some of their own work once the home has been drywalled, mudded and taped.

Garage – Shop – Barn Loans

Looking to build a shop or garage next to your home? New Century Bank has loan options for that as well! They offer 1 stand 2 nd Home equity mortgages for personal shop buildings. If you need a loan for Commercial and Agricultural use, New Century has solutions for you as well!

How do I get started?

The best way to begin the process is to give New Century Bank a call at 785-532-9066 and speak with a loan officer about the process of financing your project. If you wish to apply immediately you can go directly to and find the application on the main page under Resources: Apply Here (Construction Pre-Qualification form). There is also a link below with the application to begin financing your dream.

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