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FAQs on Building Solutions in Oregon & Northern California

Who are Johnson Builders?
Johnson Builders is a premier construction company in Oregon and Northern California, known for delivering high-quality, affordable buildings. Specializing in customizable post and frame constructions, we partner with Cleary Buildings to ensure top-notch assembly processes and durable structures tailored to your needs.

Is Johnson Builders a part of Cleary Buildings?
As a proud distributor of Cleary Buildings, Johnson Builders upholds Cleary's warranties and quality standards. Our collaboration ensures the construction of efficient and sturdy buildings, combining local expertise with Cleary's renowned building solutions.

What is a post and frame/pole barn?
Discover the advantages and distinctions of pole barns, including the differences between wood and steel constructions, on our dedicated Cleary Advantage page.

Can I customize my post and frame building?
With Johnson Builders Corp, customization is key. Our experts can guide you from a simple woodshed to expansive commercial or residential structures, offering 3D renderings and tailored advice to ensure your building perfectly suits your requirements.

Are there any warranties associated with the purchase of a building?
Enjoy peace of mind with extensive warranties, including a 50-year Warranty on treated columns and bottom boards, and Limited lifetime protection against cracking and peeling on sidewall and roof steel panels. Additional coverage includes a 35-year warranty against chalking and fading.

What do you mean by "pre-engineered"?
Our pre-engineered buildings are designed with precision using advanced CAD systems, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Manufactured to exact specifications, our structures promise swift and efficient assembly.

What are the most important considerations when planning a new facility?

  1. Choosing the right location.
  2. Ensuring proper site preparation.
  3. Opting for the ideal design.

Can Johnson Builders assist with site selection and preparation?
Our specialists are well-versed in layout and design and equipped to assist with site selection and preparation, providing valuable insights and recommendations for optimal results.

How is a pre-engineered post and frame structure delivered?
Following a detailed consultation and design phase with our specialists, your custom building package is prepared and shipped directly from Cleary's manufacturing facilities to your site, where our skilled Johnson Builders crew will undertake the construction.

What does the building price include?
Our pricing includes all materials, construction labor, delivery, and applicable taxes, ensuring no surprises and complete satisfaction with your Cleary building investment.

What makes Johnson Builders different from other construction companies in the area?
Johnson Builders helps you find the most affordable solution for your project while implementing computer software to help visualize and bring your dream to life before the purchase to ensure it's exactly what you want.

What financing options are available for my construction project?
Johnson Builders, over the years, has built a relationship with a midwestern bank that specializes in financing Post and frame construction of all applications.

Do I need any permits for my construction project, and can Johnson Builders assist in obtaining them?
Yes, in Oregon and California, you will need some kind of building permit. That might be as simple as obtaining an AG permit in some areas, but you will need some kind of permit. Johnson Builders has built a wonderful relationship with many local county permitting authority’s and does offer assistance with obtaining your building permits.

Is Johnson Builders on social media?
Yes, Johnson Builders is very active on Instagram, where you can see pictures of completed projects as well as ongoing projects. You can also check out our Gallery page for just a few examples of the building types.

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